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Common Questions

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Common Questions

Are you looking to sell or get a loan on a luxury watch? We have listed the most common questions that sellers often ask. If you have a question that is not listed below, please give us a call on 1300 882 397, or can email us at hello@brisbanewatchbuyers.com. Walk in customers are also very welcome.


Do you buy watches for cash?

Yes, we pay cash for watches, if you are interstate we wire funds upon delivery, cash or cheque in person, whichever you prefer.

How do i get paid?

Cash, Cheque, Wire Transfer, Its up to you.

Do I need the original box and papers to sell my watch?

No, you do not need the original watch and accompanying paperwork to sell your watch BUT it does dramatically help and will increase the value of your watch.

What do I need to sell my watch?

To sell your watch you need the watch and an Australian form/s of ID that have a residential address (drivers license) (any accompanying box, paperwork, original purchase receipts help dramatically and will increase the value of your watch but are not necessary)

Do you buy all kinds of watches?

We buy most watches, however typically specialize in fine Swiss watches and timepieces. (generally $500 to $500,000+ in value)

Does the offer made expire?

No the offer does not expire however if left for long enough, market values can change and an offer could either go up or down. There is no set time though that you must accept an offer, we never put any pressure on you to take something without thinking about it.

Do I need to authenticate my watch?

You DO NOT need to authenticate your watch prior to coming to us as we are able to do this ourselves. Some watches however may need to be inspected at the workshop to ensure authenticity (this is only done at sellers consent)

Can I still sell my watch if it is damaged?

We do buy watches that are not in working order, however the extent of the damage has to be thoroughly examined by us prior and factored into the purchase price.

Do you buy fake/counterfeit/replica watches?

We do not buy or deal in any fake/counterfeit/replica watches. Any of the likes will be taken and handed over to police and reported as an act of fraud.

How do I know I am getting a fair price?

Brisbane Watch Buyers are the biggest watch traders in Queensland. We love good watches and with such a prosperous and strong market, we pay top dollar to ensure we can continue to get, and deal in, the best watches available. (and we want our customers to be happy and spread the word)

How do I know this is legitimate?

Brisbane Watch Buyers have been second hand watch dealers for over 30 years now in the Brisbane City. We follow all second hand dealer laws and regulations through the process of purchase. For our security and for our customers also. Unlike other watch dealers currently, we have a physical shop in the Brisbane City.

How do I get paid and how long will it take to get my money?

We pay cash on the spot or direct bank transfer with osko (depending on the customer's preference) and the transaction is instant. Once we have finished the paper work and we have the watch, the customer has the money before they walk out the store

Do I have to pay for a valuation?

No your valuation is free and can usually be done on the spot at our offices or over the phone. If you are interstate and cannot come to see us in person we may ask that you fill our a get a quote form located here or send through some photos of your watch to hello@brisbanewatchbuyers.com

Does it matter where i am located?

No, we deal on a national scale. We have plenty experience buying watches all over Australia, we buy dozens of watches interstate monthly. All of our watches are fully covered in transit. Alternatively you can drop off your watch at our Brisbane Headquarters.

How do i know my valuation is accurate?

We realistically determine what your watch is worth based on our previous sales history and global market prices. Each watch is unique and is assessed on a case by case basis. There are many finite details that can affect your watches value. Our knowledge and expertise can accurately determine this.

Do I have to send a photo?

In most circumstances we ask that you do send through few photos of the watch you would like to sell using our ‘get a quote form’ its quick, easy and will take only a few moments to fill out. A member of our staff will contact you within the next 24hours to go through your best options and give you a quote.

Who decides the selling price?

We do, ultimately we will realistically determine what price we will be retailing your watch at.
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