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Are you looking for a simple way to sell your Rolex watch for the best possible price? Welcome to Brisbane Watch Buyers. With over 30 years experience with Rolex watches, gold & fine jewellery, we can value your watches, gold & jewellery items & offer you the best prices. We can also provide a cash loan against your Rolex if needed.

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Rolex Information

How To Find Rolex Watch Model, Ref. and Serial Numbers

The model and reference nnumbers are located on the side of the watch between the lugs at 12 o’clock. You will usually have to remove the bracelet to find the model number on the watch case. You can also find the model number on the certificate that will come with an authentic Rolex. Generally, a Rolex serial number will be on the inner bezel ring (the “rehaut”)found at the 6 o’clock. For new watches, Rolex moved the serial number inwards towards the actual 6 o’clock section of the rehault meaning you should not have to take the bracelet off. On older models, you will need to remove the bracelet at 6 o’clock to identify the serial number.

Find Rolex Watch Model Number
Model Number at 12 o'clock.
Find Rolex Serial Number
Serial Number at 6 o'clock.
Find Rolex Serial Number Bezel
Serial Number inside bezel ring.
Find Rolex Serial Number Card
Serial Number Included on Card.

What do the Numbers Mean?

Once you have identified the model number of your Rolex, it’s useful to know what they mean…Fortunately, we can tell you. Rolex model numbers are four, five or six numerical digits long.

The first two to four digits describes the type of watch. If the model number is five or six digits long, the second to the last number describes the bezel and the last number describes the metal type the watch is made from.  Some models will have letters following the numerical digits that will provide additional information about the watch.

For example, a Datejust with a model number 16014 breaks down to:

160 1 4
Datejust Bezel Type: Fluted Metal Type:Steel & White Gold
Depending on the era, Rolex reference numbers can be four to six digits long. Early in Rolex’s history, reference numbers were four digits long. In the late-1970s, Rolex began switching to five-digit reference numbers and by the end of the 1980s, all reference numbers were that long. Around the 2000s, Rolex transitioned to six-digit reference numbers, often just adding a “1” to the beginning of the five-digit reference numbers. Therefore, a Rolex reference number can also tell you the approximate era a watch was made in.

Rolex Model & Reference Codes

Rolex engraves or assigns a 4-6 digit model number to every watch type it produces. This number can be found engraved between the lugs on the side of the case above 12 o’clock as illustrated above.

Model Reference Code Starting Digits Examples
Air-King 55-, 140-, 114-, 116- Air-King ref. 114200

Air-King ref. 116900

Date 15-, 150-, 115- Date ref. 1500

Date ref. 115200

Datejust 31 68-, 782-, 1782-, 2782- Datejust ref. 17827

Datejust ref. 178240

Datejust 36 66-, 16-, 162-, 1162-, 1262- Datejust ref. 116233

Datejust ref. 126234

Datejust II 1163- Datejust ref. 116334
Datejust 41 1263- Datejust ref. 126301
Day-Date 36 65-, 18-, 180-, 182-, 183-, 1182-, 1282- Day-Date ref. 128238

Day-Date ref. 118239

Day-Date II 2182- Day-Date ref. 218235
Day-Date 40 2282- Day-Date ref. 228239

Day-Date ref. 228206

Daytona 62-, 165-, 1165- Daytona ref. 16528

Daytona ref. 116500

Explorer 61-, 63-, 66-, 10-, 142-, 1142-, 2142- Explorer ref. 14270

Explorer ref. 214270

Explorer II 165-, 2165- Explorer II ref. 16570

Explorer II ref. 216570

Lady-Datejust 679-, 791-, 1791-, 2791- Lady-Datejust ref. 179171

Lady-Datejust ref. 279163

Milgauss 65-, 10-, 1164- Milgauss ref. 1019

Milgauss ref. 116400

Oyster Perpetual 176-, 177-, 116-, 114- Oyster Perpetual ref. 114300

Oyster Perpetual ref. 116000

Sea-Dweller 16-, 166-, 1166-, 1266- Sea-Dweller ref. 116600

Sea-Dweller ref. 126603

Submariner 55-, 140-, 1140- Submariner ref. 14060

Submariner ref. 114060

Submariner Date 16-, 166-, 168-, 1166- Submariner ref. 16610

Submariner ref. 116618

GMT-Master 65-, 167- GMT-Master ref. 1675

GMT-Master ref. 16700

GMT-Master II 167-, 1167-, 1267- GMT-Master II ref. 116718

GMT-Master II ref. 126710

Oysterquartz 170-, 190- Oysterquartz ref. 17014

Oysterquartz ref. 19018

Yacht-Master 29 696-, 1696- Yacht-Master ref. 69622

Yacht-Master ref. 169623

Yacht-Master 31 686-, 1686- Yacht-Master ref. 68628

Yacht-Master ref. 168622

Yacht-Master 37 268- Yacht-Master ref. 268621
Yacht-Master 40 166-, 1166-, 1266- Yacht-Master ref. 126655

Yacht-Master ref. 116622

Yacht-Master 42 2266- Yacht-Master ref. 226659
Yacht-Master II 1166- Yacht-Master II ref. 116680
Sky-Dweller 326- Sky-Dweller ref. 326934

Rolex Bezel Type Reference Codes

The second-to-last digit in a five or six-digit Rolex reference number can also indicate the bezel style of the watch. But this is only applicable to Rolex dress watches such as the Datejust, Date, Day-Date, and Oyster Perpetual. This does not apply to Rolex sports watches such as the Rolex Submariner, GMT-Master, Explorer, Daytona, and so on.

Bezel Type Reference Code
Domed (Smooth) 0
Fixed Engraved – Daytona 0
Rotating – Submariner with 5 digit 168xx & 6 digit 168xxx Model # 0
Rotating – Sea-Dweller 0
Rotating – GMT-Master with 5 digit 167xx Model # 0
Bark with 12 diamonds – Day-Date 0
Gemstone (Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire) – Datejust Pearlmaster 0
Engine Turned – Index 1
Fixed Engraved – Daytona 1
Rotating – Submariner and GMT-Master II 1
Fluted – Mens Datejust with 5 digit 160xx Model #’s 1
Fluted – Midsize Oyster Perpetual with 5 digit Model #’s 1
Fluted with 12 Diamonds – Ladies and Midsize Datejust with 6 digit Model #’s 1
Domed (Smooth) with 12 Diamonds – Datejust Pearlmaster 1
Engine Turned 2
Fixed Engraved – Daytona 2
Domed (Smooth) – Day-Date with 5 digit 180xx Model #’s 2
Domed (Smooth) with 1 Diamonds – Datejust Pearlmaster 2
Rotating – Yacht-Master 2
Fluted 3
Engine Turned – Index – Ladies Oyster Perpetual with 5 digit Model #’s 3
Engine Turned – Mens Datejust with 5 digit 160xx Model #’s 3
Diamond – Ladies Datejust with 5 digit & 6 digit 1791xx & 2791xx Model #’s 3
Diamond – Datejust Pearlmaster 3
Bark 4
Domed (Smooth) – Midsize Datejust 4
Domed (Smooth) with 24 Diamonds – Midsize Datejust with 6 digit Model #’s 4
Gemstone (Sapphire) – Datejust Pearlmaster 4
Engine Turned – Ladies Datejust and Oyster Perpetual 4
Diamond – Mens Datejust with 6 digit Model #’s 4
Diamond – Day-Date 4
Turn-O-Graph 5
24-Hour Bezel – Explorer II 5
Engine-Turned – Mens Date with 5 digit 150xx Model # 5
Rotating – GMT-Master with 5 digit 167xx Model # 5
Rotating – Yacht-Master 5
Pyramid – Midsize Datejust 5
Diamond – Day-Date and Ladies & Midsize Datejust 5
Gemstone (Diamond, Sapphire) – GMT-Master II 5
Turn-O-Graph 6
Rotating – Sport Models 6
Domed (Smooth) – Ladies Datejust 6
Diamond – Midsize Datejust 6
Diamond – Day-Date and Daytona 6
Bark 7
24-Hour Bezel – Explorer II 7
Diamond – Day-Date with 5 digit 183xx Model # 7
Diamond – Daytona 7
Fluted – Ladies and Midsize Datejust 7
Domed (Smooth) – Ladies Oyster Perpetual with 5 digit Model #’s 8
Diamond – Day-Date and Datejust 8
Gemstone (Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire) – Daytona 8
Rotating – Yacht-Master II 8
Fluted – Ladies Oyster Perpetual with 5 digit Model #’s 9
Gemstone (Diamond, Sapphire) – Mens Datejust with 6 digit Model #’s 9
Gemstone (Diamond, Emerald) – Day-Date and Datejust Pearlmaster 9
Gemstone (Diamond Ruby, Sapphire) – Daytona 9
Domed (Smooth) – Ladies Datejust with 6 digit Model #’s 9
Domed (Smooth) – Day-Date 9
Engine-Turned – Index – Ladies Datejust with 5 digit Model #’s 9

Rolex Case Material Reference Codes

While the first few digits denote the model type, the last digit in five and six-digit Rolex reference numbers (not four-digit ones) indicates the material of the watch.

Material Code Material Examples


Stainless Steel

(Also known as Oystersteel)

GMT-Master II ref. 11671 0


Two-Tone Steel & Everose Gold

(Also known as Everose Rolesor)

Datejust II ref. 126331


Stainless Steel & Platinum

(Also known as Rolesium)

Yacht-Master ref. 126622


Two-Tone Stainless Steel & Yellow Gold

(Also known as Yellow Rolesor)

Submariner ref. 116613


Stainless Steel & White Gold

(Also known as White Rolesor)

Datejust ref. 116264


18k Everose Gold

(Rolex’s patented rose gold alloy)

Sky-Dweller ref. 326935


950 Platinum Day-Date ref. 228206


14k Yellow Gold Date ref. 15037


18k Yellow Gold Daytona ref. 116508


18k White Gold GMT-Master II ref. 126719

Rolex Letter Reference Codes

Finally, some Rolex reference numbers also include letters at the end. These letters are abbreviations to signify either the color of the bezel or the types of gems used in the bezel. There is one instance where the letters refer to the color of the sapphire crystal. Since most of these abbreviations are in French, we have included the translations and abbreviation meanings below.

Letters Meaning & Translation Example


Lunette Noir 

Black Bezel

Submariner ref. 116613LN


Lunette Verte

Green Bezel

Submariner ref. 116610LV


Lunette Bleu

Blue Bezel

Submariner ref. 116618LB




GMT Master II ref. 126715CHNR




GMT Master II ref. 126710BLNR




GMT Master II ref. 126710BLRO




GMT-Master II ref. 116758SARU


Sapphirs Noir

Black Sapphires

GMT-Master II ref. 116759SANR




Submariner ref. 116659SABR



Multi-colored Sapphires

Daytona ref. 116595RBOW


Glace Verte

Green Crystal

Milgauss ref. 116400GV

Rolex Bracelet Reference Codes

Many Rolex watches have a clasp code located inside the clasp hinge. This code is based on the month and year the clasp was manufactured. After inspecting the clasp you will see 1 or 2 letters followed by a number. The letter corresponds with a year and the number signifies a month. For instance, per the table below, we see that a bracelet stamped G4 was manufactured in April 1982. A service replacement” bracelet would have an additional "S" stamped along with the year.

Bracelet Code Year
A or VA 1976
B or VB 1977
C or VC 1978
D or VD 1979
E or VE 1980
F or VF 1981
G 1982
H 1983
I 1984
J 1985
K 1986
L 1987
M 1988
N 1989
O 1990
P 1991
Q 1992
R 1993
S 1994
T or W 1995
V 1996
Z 1997
U 1998
X 1999
AB 2000
DE 2001
DT 2002
AD 2003
CL 2004
MA 2005
OP 2006
EO 2007
PJ 2008
LT 2009
RS 2010
The More You Know

Rolex Serial Numbers By Year

The Rolex Factory may not offer an official Rolex value database list that features production dates, however the chart below includes all serial numbers obtained by Rolex authorities over time. We advise all of our customers that if you are going to buy a Rolex watch, we strongly recommend you to take a look at the serial number of the watch and then verify those serial numbers using our Rolex serial number chart below.

Year Serial Year Serial
2010-Present Random/Mixed 1968 2,426,000
2009-2010 G000,001 1967 2,164,000
2008-2009 V000,001 1966 1,870,000
2007-2009 M000,001 1965 1,791,000
2006-2008 Z000,001 1964 1,713,000
2005-2006 D000,001 1963 1,635,000
2004-2005 F000,001 1962 1,557,000
2002-2004 Y000,001 1961 1,485,000
2001-2003 K000,001 1960 1,401,000
2000-2001 P000,004 1959 1,323,000
1998-2000 A000,002 1958 1,245,000
1997-1998 U000,001 1957 1,167,000
1996-1998 T000,001 1956 1,095,000
1995-1998 W000,001 1955 1,010,000
1993 3/4 S000,001 1954 935,000
1992 1/4 C000,001 1953 869,000
1991 3/4 N000,001 1952 804,000
1991 1/2 X000,001 1951 735,000
1991 1/4 E999,999 1950 672,000
1990 1/2 E000,001 1949 608,000
1990 L999,999 1948 543,000
1989 L000,001 1947 478,000
1988 R999,999 1946 413,000
1987 1/2 R000,001 1945 348,000
1987 1/2 9,999,999 1944 284,000
1987 9,760,000 1943 253,000
1986 9,300,000 1942 224,000
1985 8,814,000 1941 194,000
1984 8,338,000 1940 165,000
1983 7,860,000 1939 136,000
1982 7,366,000 1938 118,000
1981 6,910,000 1937 98,000
1980 6,430,000 1936 82,000
1979 5,959,000 1935 62,000
1978 5,481,000 1934 55,000
1977 5,005,000 1933 49,000
1976 4,535,000 1932 43,000
1975 4,265,000 1931 40,000
1974 4,000,000 1930 38,000
1973 3,741,000 1929 35,000
1972 3,478,000 1928 33,000
1971 3,215,000 1927 30,000
1970 2,952,000 1926 28,000
1969 2,689,000 1925 25,000
Here to Help

Common Questions

How Much Is My Rolex Worth?

One of the most common questions many people have is how much is my Rolex worth? There are many ways to determine the value of your pre-owned Rolex watch based on age, scarcity/rarity, condition, originality and collectability. By defining these aspects of your watch you can begin to determine the ultimate overall value of your Rolex timepiece.


To determine the age of your watch you will need to locate your serial number. The serial number will allow you to determine what year your watch was manufactured unless it is a “scrambled/random” serial that began in 2010, in which case the date will be found on the original warranty card given at the time of purchase The serial number will be located on your watch either under the bracelet engraved on the case at the 6 o’clock position or engraved on the inner bezel at the 6 o’clock position; or it should be located on your original purchase paperwork.


Depending on the model of your watch the age will play a significant factor in determining the value. For instance the older utilitarian models such as a vintage Rolex Daytona, Submariner, and GMT the value can be 10 times the value of a current new model. However, vintage Datejust and Day-Date models will be less expensive than the current modern models.


The materials used to manufacture the watch will play a key role in value as well. A full yellow gold watch or full platinum watch will be more expensive than a stainless steel watch. The price will be determined by the current rate of that material. During the coronavirus pandemic we saw gold valuing at an all time high, raising both the buying and selling the rates of full gold models.


Over the years Rolex produced certain models in a larger capacity than others. By far the model Rolex has produced the most is the Datejust, thus making them less rare. Models such as Daytonas have had about a quarter less produced than the Datejust therefore making them more scarce. In addition to the model, Rolex has produced many unique varieties of dials with precious stones, designs and colors over the years that could add to the value of your watch. They have used obsidian, agate, jade, meteorite, malachite and bloodstone to name a few. They also produced dials from coral and petrified fossils. In the 60’s, Rolex introduced bright colored “stella” dials on the Day-Date and the 34mm Date models. Because they were not popular at the time, there were only a small amount of them produced before they discontinued them. Because of the small number produced and their desire later on in years, these brightly colored dials are rare and come with a high resale value.


This is one of the most important components when determining the value of your watch. Rolex watches are to be infrequently serviced, similar to auto maintenance, in order to keep the watch movement lubricated and in great shape. Rolex will also advise to have the watch polished at time of service. If any components need to be replaced or altered at the time of service, Rolex will provide you with a service replacement part which can either add or detract value from your watch. On vintage sport models, the watch will hold a stronger value if damaged parts remain original to the watch. They can also get a higher premium if the watch was never polished. This ensures that the watch is original the way it came from the factory, adding to the rarity of the watch.

Additional Items

Rolex watches are initially sold with a warranty paper or card, booklets and a Rolex box. After the warranty, many people have discarded the warranty papers and booklets. A lot of people have also discarded the original Rolex box. This is a common mistake, as those additional items do gain a premium added to the watch. The premium will be in direct correlation with the scarcity and desirability of the watch. For example, a vintage Daytona will have a much larger premium on the original warranty papers than a Datejust would.